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[ 例句 ] Coventry have completed the signing of 21 - year - old goalkeeper Steele.

[ 释义 ] 英冠考文垂队已经签下了曼联21 岁 的门将斯蒂尔.

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[ 例句 ] Leanne Coventry , blames her obesity on thyroid trouble.

[ 释义 ] 佢话自己痴肥系因为甲状腺有问题!

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[ 例句 ] Coventry Cathedral has modern architecture.

[ 释义 ] 考文垂大教堂有着非常现代的建筑风格.

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[ 例句 ] Sat September 3 rd The youth team travels up in the morning to Coventry and draws 1 - 1 .

[ 释义 ] 9月3日星期六今日早晨青年队前往考文垂比赛并 1-1 握手言和.

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[ 例句 ] It's not that smoke - filled rooms are back; smokers huddle in Coventry these days ( Flora Lewis )

[ 释义 ] 烟雾迷漫的房间不会再回来了; 吸烟者现在都被驱逐了 ( 弗洛拉刘易斯 )

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