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英 [ˈkæni] canny英式发音 美 [ˈkæni] canny美式发音


adj. 精明的,狡猾的;俭约的;谨慎的;

[ 例句 ] Especially, the improved Canny operator is worthy of referring in other similar kinds of detecting system.

[ 释义 ] 特别是改进的Canny算子算法,对其它类似检测系统也具有较高参考价值.

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[ 例句 ] But I'm trying to be a little canny about it.

[ 释义 ] 但是我想对此谨慎一些.

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[ 例句 ] But if students cannot make it into Britain, such canny marketing is in vain.

[ 释义 ] 但是如果这些学生无法来到英国, 那这些用心良苦的营销策略都将付诸东流.

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[ 例句 ] You're a canny one, sir . You really had me going.

[ 释义 ] 你真是精明, 长官.

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[ 例句 ] Compared with the ebullient, politically canny Mr Ahmadinejad , the three remaining challengers appeared drab and uninspiring.

[ 释义 ] 与热情地, 政治上精明的Ahmadinejad相比, 另外三个竞选人看上去豪无生气,引不起兴趣.

canny 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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