definitive 查询


英 [dɪˈfɪnətɪv] definitive英式发音 美 [dɪˈfɪnɪtɪv] definitive美式发音


adj. 最后的;确定的,决定性的;不可更改的;限定的,明确的;

n. 限定词;

[ 例句 ] More than a playmaker that tries to circulate the ball, he's a player of definitive passes.

[ 释义 ] 与那些将球运转起来的进攻组织者相比, 他更像是作出致命一传的那种球员.

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[ 例句 ] Primary bone is a temporary tissue and is soon replaced definitive, lamellar variety of bone.

[ 释义 ] 初级骨是暂时性的组织,不久就为永久性的板层骨所代替.

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[ 例句 ] They are usually not very useful in obtaining definitive answers and tend to generate more questions.

[ 释义 ] 他们一般不是非常有用,对于定义问题和得到答案.

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[ 例句 ] Please give me a definitive answer.

[ 释义 ] 请给我最后正式答复.

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[ 例句 ] I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Definitive!

[ 释义 ] 毫无疑问,我给这本书最高的五星.

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