incarnate 查询


英 [ɪnˈkɑ:nət] incarnate英式发音 美 [ɪnˈkɑrnət] incarnate美式发音


adj. 人体化的;拟人化的;肉色的,粉红色的;

vt. 使成化身;使具体化;成为…典型;

[ 例句 ] She is Wisdom Incarnate, the Goddess of all those who are wise.

[ 释义 ] 她是智慧的化身, 是所有一切智慧的女神.

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[ 例句 ] We know also creative design and professional service directly incarnate customer high standard demand.

[ 释义 ] 独特、创新的设计是我们成功的根本.

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[ 例句 ] Solving some diffraction problems by the method will incarnate its unique advantage.

[ 释义 ] 用这种方法求解某些衍射问题,会体现出它的特殊的优势.

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[ 例句 ] This is the devil incarnate gathers the gate faction which under 43,000 monsters audiences establishes.

[ 释义 ] 此乃混世魔王聚集手下四万三千妖众成立的门派.

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[ 例句 ] She was happiness incarnate.

[ 释义 ] 她是幸福的化身.

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