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power hammer

英 [ˈpauə ˈhæmə] power hammer英式发音 美 [ˈpaʊɚ ˈhæmɚ] power hammer美式发音

power hammer的释义


[ 例句 ] XPJ - hammer crusher apply power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, mining and other laboratory - like system to crush material.

[ 释义 ] XPJ型锤式破碎机适用电力 、 煤炭 、 冶金 、 建材 、 矿业等试验室粉碎物料制样.

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[ 例句 ] At present, malt crusher is de eloping from high - power multiple rollers crusher to humidifying hammer mill.

[ 释义 ] 目前麦芽粉碎机正向大功率多辊式和湿式精细锤式粉碎机发展.

power hammer 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET4/

[ 例句 ] He had iron gloves, a girdle that doubled his power, and an invincible flying hammer.

[ 释义 ] 他拥有铁手套, 使自己更有权力的马鞍, 并且无敌的飞捶.

power hammer 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET4/

[ 例句 ] The results indicate that although the impact frequency of hammer decreased somehow, the impact power increased.

[ 释义 ] 结果冲击频率虽然有所下降, 但其冲击功却有升高的趋势.

power hammer 来自 大学英语四级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET4/

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