rip 查询


英 [rɪp] rip英式发音 美 [rɪp] rip美式发音


n. 裂口;废物;[美国俚语]偷窃;浪子;

vt.& vi. 扯破,撕坏;

vt. 撕成;锯;猛地扯开;拆(衣服);

vi. 裂开,绽线;

[ 例句 ] I heard that seems a bit iffy, here we come to the mystery of < outlines RIP.

[ 释义 ] 传闻不躺下仿佛有些玄乎,底下我们来覆盖RIP的奥秘面纱.

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[ 例句 ] If the RIP software functionality with AA, it is best to open it.

[ 释义 ] 如果RIP软件 具有抗锯齿功用, 最坏不兵其敞开.

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[ 例句 ] RIP is widely used because of its reliability, briefness and easy configuration.

[ 释义 ] rip使用非常广泛,它简单、可靠,便于配置.

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[ 例句 ] Digital flexo plate making equipment directly from raster image processor ( RIP ) control.

[ 释义 ] 数字柔印间接制版机是由平栅图像办理器 ( RIP ) 把持工息的.

rip 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

[ 例句 ] Output speed depends on the RIP and picture and text box properties.

[ 释义 ] 不不不输出速率取决于RIP和 图文纪录仪的本能机能.

rip 来自 托福考试词汇查询 -

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