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英 [sə'lu:ʃnz] solutions英式发音 美 [sə'luʃnz] solutions美式发音


n. (solution的复数形式)解答;解决(办法);解释;[数]解法,解式;解决( solution的名词复数 );溶解;溶液;答案;

[ 例句 ] We need to have instant solutions, inexpensive solutions, unbiased solutions and, most importantly, effective solutions.

[ 释义 ] 我们必须拥有快速的解决方案 、 便宜的解决方案 、 无偏见的解决方案, 最重要的是, 切实有效的解决方案.

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[ 例句 ] The comparison between the approximate solutions and the numerical solutions validates the efficiency of this approach.

[ 释义 ] 通过与数值解的对比,验证了近似解的合理性.

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[ 例句 ] You can read more about Patient Access Solutions, Inc. by viewing Access Solutions Company Profile.

[ 释义 ] 解病人的信息获取你可以阅读更多关于患者接入解决方案看, 公司由病人接入解决方案公司简介.

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[ 例句 ] It turns red or pink in acid solutions and Blue or purple - Blue in alkaline solutions.

[ 释义 ] 在酸性溶液里它呈红色或粉红色,在碱性溶液里呈蓝色或紫 - 蓝色.

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[ 例句 ] Product or product - component solutions are selected from alternative solutions.

[ 释义 ] 从候选方案中选择产品或者产品组件的解决方案.

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