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英 [steits] states英式发音

n. 国家( state的名词复数 );州;[the states][口语]美国;心态;

v. 规定( state的第三人称单数 );陈述;确定;[法律]详述(案情等);

[ 例句 ] Before explaining a workflow, I'll explain a few simple pieces of terminology: states and transitions.

[ 释义 ] 在解释什么是工作流之前, 我先来解释几条简单的术语: 状态(states) 和过渡(transitions).

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[ 例句 ] Battleground states are also known as sway states or purple states.

[ 释义 ] 这些所谓的战场州也被称为摇摆州或紫州.

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[ 例句 ] Why do some states have more Representatives than other states?

[ 释义 ] 问:为何有些州国会众议员的人数比其它州多?

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[ 例句 ] The combination of the 50 states forms the United States of America.

[ 释义 ] 五十个州结为一体组成了美利坚合众国.

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[ 例句 ] States said pine pollen series products, Hong Ning Wang Chuk States.

[ 释义 ] 国珍松花粉系列产品, 国珍竹康宁.

states 来自 雅思考试词汇查询 -

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