take the stand 查询

take the stand

英 [teik ðə stænd] take the stand英式发音 美 [tek ði stænd] take the stand美式发音

take the stand的释义


[ 例句 ] It's time for the witness to take the stand for cross - examination .

[ 释义 ] 是证人上证人席接受 盘问 的时候了.

take the stand 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] Will the next witness please take the stand?

[ 释义 ] 请下一位证人出庭作证.

take the stand 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] Hunter, take the east side, there. Joyce , you stand by the west, my man.

[ 释义 ] 亨特, 你守东面, 乔伊斯, 我的好伙计, 你守西面.

take the stand 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] Learned to take a stand, said the speech, furiously an attack is my advertisement.

[ 释义 ] 学会了表态, 把话说出来, 奋力出击是我的招牌.

take the stand 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

[ 例句 ] Or are you next year going to take your stand on the upper denture?

[ 释义 ] 还是你们明年会采取上半口假牙的立场?

take the stand 来自 大学英语六级词汇查询 - www.wolaishi.com/CET6/

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